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Top Senior Scams

Top Senior Scams
August 6, 2021 sdcpm
Top Senior Scaps

Top Senior Scams


Download the FTC’s report to Congress regarding Protecting Older Consumers.

Introductory excerpt:

As the nation’s primary consumer protection agency, the Federal Trade Commission
(“FTC” or “Commission”) has a broad mandate to protect consumers from unfair or deceptive
acts or practices in the marketplace. It does this by, among other things, filing law enforcement
actions to stop unlawful practices and, when possible, returning money to consumers. The FTC
also protects the public through education and outreach on consumer protection issues. Through
research and collaboration with federal, state, international, and private sector partners, the FTC
strategically targets its efforts to achieve the maximum benefits for consumers, including older

Protecting older consumers in the marketplace is one of the FTC’s top priorities. Unfortunately, in numerous FTC cases, older adults have been targeted or disproportionately
affected. For example, as discussed below, the FTC has brought ten new enforcement actions
this year to stop unsubstantiated claims for products that purport to treat various illnesses and
conditions affecting older consumers. As the population of older adults grows, the FTC’s
aggressive efforts to bring law enforcement actions against scams that affect them, as well as
provide useful consumer advice, become increasingly important.


David Brown